12 Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer

Are you on the lookout for the best sublimation printer for heat transfer? Continue reading to learn about our best options.

Sublimation printers are one of the most effective ways to transfer a crisp design on a cloth or rigid surface. Whether you’re looking for a sublimation printer for your home, studio, or small business, I’ve included various options.

Sublimation printers can be used to print on mugs, pottery, and a variety of other objects. After printing your design on sublimation paper, it must be transferred to the sublimation blank using heat transfer.

We'll discuss:

Which Sublimation Printer is Best for Heat Transfer?

Which is the best depends on the stage you’re at: are you doing sublimation transfers for personal use or business? Sublimation heat transfer allows for creating high-quality customizations that look and feel fabulous and are durable enough to endure repeated washing and use. Whether you’re a beginner printing your first t-shirt or a business printing mug, glassware, or any of the several other excellent blanks for sublimation printing, this evaluation will assist you in selecting the finest printer for your needs.

Before showing you our best sublimation printers for heat transfer, we would like to clarify that we don’t promote any brands.  Let us continue with that said.

Epson Artisan 1430- Perfect Inkjet Printer with Wide Format Epson Artisan 1430- Perfect Inkjet Printer with Wide Format Check Price
HP Officejet Pro 8035 All in OneThe use Wireless Printer HP Officejet Pro 8035 All in OneThe use Wireless Printer Check Price
Brother HL L2320D Mono Brother HL L2320D Mono Check Price
Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Check Price
Epson Stylus C88+ Hotzone 360 Epson Expression Photo HD XP 15000 Check Price
Budget Pick
Evolis Classic Zenius Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer
Evolis Classic Zenius Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer Check Price
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer Check Price
Editer Choice
Silhouette Cameo Wireless Cutting Machine
Silhouette Cameo Wireless Cutting Machine Check Price
HP LaserJet Pro Wireless Grey color Laser Printer HP LaserJet Pro Wireless Grey color Laser Printer Check Price
Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer Check Price
Top Choice
Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Wireless Color
Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Wireless Color Check Price
Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Check Price

Sublimation is a thing these days, However the beneficial and the person who has learned the art of sublimation is successful. With the help of this process, you can create designs of your choice, improvise projects and print your shirts according to your moods.

We have come up with a wide-ranging printer that can do the best sublimation, and thus, you have multiple options to choose from, as per your needs.

There are two types of printers:

  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser printers

Inkjet printers are used for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, while some laser printers can even be used for cutting materials.

Following are the printers which have been taken out for you after scrutinization. Let’s have a look.

1. Epson Artisan 1430- Perfect Inkjet Printer with Wide Format

The brand that made it to the top of the list is Epson. Epson Artisan 1430 is rocking the printing world with its unique features with its ability to print high-definition pictures. Alongside printing, it has a dual function as well, which includes scanning and fax sending.

Solid and Light in Weight:

The printer is made of excellent quality material that is solid enough to resist any jerk but light enough to carry from one place to another.

High Definition, High-Quality Pictures:

The most prominent character of this printer is the highly defined pictures. The image printing size goes up to 13 to 19 inches which is sufficient to print on any service for a clear and broad view. It also can print pictures that are greater than 900 pixels.

Wi-Fi Makes it Better:

The best part is that it can be operated remotely using Wi-Fi. Also, USB cell phones can be used to attach them to the source.

Individual ink Cartridges:

This printer contains individual ink cartridges, which allows you to use multiple color cartridges all at once. So you don’t entail to stick to the mainly black or blue color cartridge. However, sometimes, it may get tiring to use multiple individual color cartridges.

  • Innovative coloring and lighting blend
  • Big enough pictures with supreme quality prints
  • Top-notch image quality having 5760 into 1440 dpi resolution
  • 3 in 1 functions including printing, scanning, and fax sending
  • Prints last longer than photo lab prints.
  • High-Quality Claria ink that is very durable
  • Use of various individual color cartridges can be problematic sometimes.

Epson’s Artisan 1430 is an ideal step-up printer for consumers who print a lot of photographs and are frustrated by economical home printers that only create 8.5 x 11 inch or 11 x 17-inch prints. For the price, the six-color ink system gives a great color spectrum. To achieve truly excellent results, you must use the proper paper, but this is true of any photographic output.

2. HP Officejet Pro 8035 All in OneThe use Wireless Printer

If you need multiple devices but are out of space and budget, you need to look at none other than HP Officejet Pro 8035, as it is the best option that can save you a lot.

Multi-optional All-in-one Printer:

This printer by Hewlett Packard is designed for multiple purposes. Such as Printing, Scanning, Copying, and Faxing. These all functions are incorporated into a single device to save you cost, time, and place.

Large Printing Capacity:

HP Officejet  Pro printer has a large printing capacity. You might be thinking about how significant it would be. It is 29 papers per minute. So you can have more than 100 prints in less than 4 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Also, it can print 25 colored copies in 1 minute, i.e., 100 colored copies in precisely 4 minutes. That sounds fantastic, though.

Versatile Functionality:

This device can do borderless printing for 8.5 into 11 inches documents. It can take the page of 8.5 into 14 inches, which makes it versatile to print pages of many different sizes.

For high-resolution printing and scanning it has 4800 into 1200dpi, with the help of which it can print phenomenal prints.

Alexa and Google Assistant Voice Command Ability:

The finest attribute of this model is that it is voice-activated and also with Alexa or Google Assistant command. Just turn your Wi-Fi on or connect with Ethernet and enjoy giving printing commands remotely.

  • IT is a versatile device with a large paper placing capacity i.e., 225 sheets in the input tray
  • It can print 29 paper per minute (black)
  • It can print 25 pieces of paper per minute (colored prints)/li>
  • Alexa and Google Assistant operated
  • High-resolution option of 4800 into 1200 dpi
  • Wi-Fi, as well as Ethernet, can operate it,
  • It can also print borderless
  • Lastly, besides printing and scanning, it can also do copying and faxing. 
  • If you claim the “8 months free HP Instant Ink” subscription offer, you cannot use third-party ink cartridges.

As evidenced by our assessment, this printer is rather good. To be sure, HP engages in several dubious anti-consumer business tactics, including the ability to disable altogether/brick your printer if you do not use their ink after taking advantage of the free eight-month deal. However, you should be alright in the long run.

3. Brother HL L2320D Mono

Toner Cartridge:

It was evident that if you are buying a printer, then there would be a lot of usages, and for that purpose, there will be a need for a lot of ink. But what if the printer ceases to work in the middle of the work and you get stuck out of nowhere. For such situations, you need to figure out already that a printer with such traits should be that you should know when the ink is going to end.

Brother has introduced this model HL L2320D Monochrome printer which contains the toner cartridge. It has the capacity to print 2600 pages without any halt. So this type of printer is an effective option for businesses that need uninterrupted services.

High-Quality Printing:

The best part is that the quality of the print is supreme. It gives you such incredible printing results with a resolution capacity of 2600 into 600 dpi. This type of printing is more appropriate and suitable for straightforward prints.

Wide Paper Holding Space

This device has a comprehensive paper holding capacity, and that is 250 papers in the tray at one time. So you need not insert sheets from time to time.

Print-only Printer:

This printer can’t scan, copy or fax. It is unidimensional. So it limits its usage, so not practical for large businesses.

Besides, it needs to operate using a personal computer as no Wi-Fi functionality is available.

  • It can print 30 pages per minute for black color prints
  • Can connect to USB for high-speed usage
  • Automatic duplexing, i.e., double side printing.
  • Laser electrography
  • Large tray capacity of 250 papers.
  • Finest envelope printing.
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Limited functions.
  • One dimensional use, following superb, i.e., printing only./li>

This printer has a maximum print speed of 30 sheets per minute when using standard paper sizes but is also highly efficient when utilizing legal paper sizes. Automatic double-sided printing is effortless: simply select double-sided in your computer’s print options before printing, and the printer will automatically flip the sheets within the machine.

4. Epson EcoTank ET-4700 

The Epson EcoTank ET-4700 is a versatile printer. Due to its modest and compact dimensions, this printer will fit on most students’ desks or small home offices. Its EcoTank system enables it to print a high number of black and colour pages, resulting in an extremely cheap cost per print.


You can connect to this printer wirelessly or via a connected connection if you choose. Additionally, it is entirely compatible with Google Cloud Print and Apple Airprint.

Costs of Printing:

Now, the primary reason you should consider the ET-4700 is for its low printing prices. In comparison to the majority of other inkjet printers on the market, it’s likely to save you a lot of money if you print frequently.


This is a well-built printer, and unlike some more cost-effective versions that employ lower-quality components, it also has a high build quality. It’s going to last you a long time, and it also prints in borderless A4 format.

The Epson ET-4700 is an excellent printer for small and home offices. The design is tiny enough to fit on the majority of standard workstations and office spaces. It produces high-quality black and colour pages, making it ideal for printing huge papers and projects.

5. Epson Stylus C88+ Hotzone 360

Epson’s next product on this list is the Stylus C88+, which accelerates the production of crucial reports and projects. It produces stunning and long-lasting results thanks to the innovative DURABrite Ultra pigment ink. This remarkable printer will save your critical papers with a fast-drying, water-resistant, fade-resistant, and smudge-resistant ink.


The results of this printer are especially well-suited for heat transfer, which helps expedite the second half of the process if you’re looking to make products or mark your journals with your pictures. Unlike the previous two entries in our review, this is a standard-sized product that fits beside your monitor, coaster, and coffee cup on your desk. Ah, yes, the fullness is genuine.


Its optimum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and ink droplets as fine as three picoliters ensure that your results will leave a lasting impact. You can print borderless prints in a variety of sizes. Additionally, you can use the large capacity tray to create excellent handouts and charts easily. It utilizes convenient single-use cartridges.

This machine features parallel and USB connectivity and simple networking configuration and is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. The maximum print speed is 23 pages per minute in black and 14 pages per minute in color.

  • Pigment-based inks were also used.
  • Containing four distinct cartridges
  • Printing without borders
  • Excellent print quality
  • Even beginners will find it simple to set up.
  • Insufficient connection options
  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Cartridges are pretty costly.
  • Inexpensive printer

However, upon examination of the results of a solid print, it is clear that they are highly detailed and colorful. There is little more to say — it is a simple, all-purpose sublimation printer capable of handling office requirements on the side.

6. Evolis Classic Zenius Dye Sublimation/Thermal Transfer Printer

Better Heat Transfer Capability:

Most of the printers with heat transfer capacity confront the issue of ink clogging. This happens while they get iron-on designs for sublimation. Evolis has designed it to transfer the heat efficiently, and the process goes really smooth.


  • Printer type: Black, Colored
  • Model color: Black
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet Printer
  • Brand: Evolis
  • Print media types: Plain paper, Shirt prints, Envelopes.

Multiple Papers for a Specific Design:

Stylus and Hotzone printers are designed to print on shirts, and for that purpose, they entail different papers to improvise a particular design for a shirt. Let’s take the example of the iron-on design. 

  • Economical as it costs 30 percent lesser than other colored laser printers.
  • It can print 20 pages per minute of both monochrome and colored documents.
  • The vast capacity of holding 250 sheets.
  • Space and time saving all in one device
  • Specific paper is required for specific printing on shirts./li>
  • The limited size of papers is allowed to be printed via this printer.
  • No WI-Fi technology is introduced in such kind of printer./li>
  • Functions are also limited as this model is improvised for specific purposes.

This printer is very much specific. Only certain size pages are allowed to be fed. Otherwise, you need to get another printer for that size of paper.

7. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Mitsubishi’s CP-K60DW-Sublimation Printer is a top-of-the-line professional sublimation printer. The tiny printer includes a washer, a paper tray, two power wires, and two spacers. Additionally, the package includes two cable ties, one pair of paper flanges, screws for connecting the band and cassette, two Mitsubishi 4 x 6 inch paper rolls, two ink ribbons, and a setup guide for assembling the printer unit.

The Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Sublimation Printer is inexpensive and produces high-quality prints. The matte and glossy coatings are flawless and resistant to dust.

  • This is an excellent printer for setting up a photo booth./li>
  • It prints high-quality photographs of events.
  • It enables printing in a variety of sizes without the need to change the ribbon.
  • In comparison to its pricing, it offers excellent features and portability.
  • Its maximum resolution is 300 × 300 dots per inch.
  • It produces a few errors when printing with the correct colours
  • It creates complications when printing contrast colours such as silver and white.
  • Occasionally, it is unable to awaken from sleep mode.

Additionally, the printer is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems and features an innovative cooling system. Additionally, it features a USB 2.0 interface and an energy-saving mode. The printer is jam-free, sturdy, and excessively light. It is capable of printing in 16.7 million colours and has a fast print speed.

8. Silhouette Cameo Wireless Cutting Machine

Self-Adjusting Auto Blade:

Laser printers come with a blade, which needs to be adjusted from time to time. Adjusting the blade is quite a difficult task and requires expertise. Without skills, you would end up messing with your printer or even damage its capacities. So there should be a solution for such a big problem. But don’t worry.

Silhouette Cameo is designed in such a way that it can adjust the blade itself without bothering anyone. The self-adjusting auto blade capability makes this laser printer a big hit.

Software to Create New Designs:

Software is taught in this machine by Silhouette, which gives a broad spectrum usage of this printer. With the help of the software, one can improvise their designs. Also, it comes with its templates as a sample for a better understanding of the users.

Dual Carriage:

The following attribute of this device is a dual carriage. It allows the users to improvise more than one-designs. This means you are not limited to one particular design, and you can create more than one design and then print it side by side. You can make drafts and blueprints for your convenience and save them for future use.

PixScan Technology:

It has Pixscan technology with which you can scan any image for printing. It also can cut thicker substances because of the clearance of more than 2 millimeters.

  • The Silhouette offers a printer with self-adjusting Auto Blade capability.
  • With the help of software introduced in this device, you can improvise your dream designs and do your projects.
  • With the help of this device, you can cut any type of materials, including paper, fabric, vinyl, and cardstock, to name a few.
  • It contains a dual carriage, using which you can cut thicker material
  • Besides printing, it can cut and scan using PixScan technology.
  • Not able to emboss or deboss.
  • Only printing and cutting.
  • No Wi-Fi connection was available

All of these machine’s characteristics outperform comparable devices, most notably the price. The Silhouette CAMEO has improved the comfort and enjoyment of work. Don’t be afraid to give it a try!

9. HP LaserJet Pro Wireless Grey color Laser Printer 

Best for Official and Business Usage:

This printer by HP is explicitly designed for workplaces and businesses because of its versatility and various features, including comprehensive paper holding capacity, fine picture quality, fast speed of printing pages per minute, and whatnot. That is why it is considered the most compatible and credible model for offices and businesses.

The Broadest Range for Paper Holding Capacity:

Almost all the printers we have chosen can hold pages from 200 to 250, but this printer is somewhat different. IT can hold more than 300 pages. This significant capacity has become a public choice for offices because it saves time and space.

Compatible with Wi-Fi:

This model is highly compatible with Wi-Fi. Another fantastic feature that distinguishes it from the rest of the printers from similar brands or other brands is that you can add approximately ten users to the workgroup of this printer. So ten people can give commands at a time. 

  • Fast printing capability with quickly-protection efficiency./li>
  • The auto-duplexing is really swift. It prints both sides of the pages so quickly and efficiently that your workload is reduced to half.
  • Also, with Hewlett Packard Jet Advantage Private Print, you can secure your private and confidential documents and papers. You have complete control over your archives using this model.
  • It is so simple and easy to use that it can be said as a cinch.
  • Microsoft word prints and PowerPoint prints can also be obtained by using the USB drive
  • Training is required to use this, which is not a big deal./li>

The HP LaserJet Pro is an outstanding, affordable, and compact monochrome laser printer that is equally at home in a small office or on the road.

10. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Color Wide-Format Printer

HD Photo Quality:

This printer gives you premium quality ultra HD pictures and can print borderless 13 into19 inches pages. The ink used is Claria Photo HD ink. The colors available are red and gray.

Versatile Printing:

It can print various pages, starting from 4 into 6 inches to 13 into 19 inches.

It is compact and designed in such to fit into any space. This is the reason the tray has less holding capacity, and that is 50 sheets. But it has an auto-duplexing facility due to which you can speedily print multiple pages within minutes.

  • It has ultra-compact wide-format .e. A3+
  • Auto-duplexing
  • Print pages of various sizes.
  • Only Epson cartridges can be used

The Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer, aimed at consumers, produces output quality similar to that of considerably more expensive professional versions.

11. Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 Wireless Color


Epson is a pioneer in the development of some of the world’s most advanced dye-sublimation printers. And this Epson printer is one of the most dependable sublimation printers available. If you want to make fantastic designs for mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, and other things, this is the product you need in your workspace.

Dynamic range is the only print quality area in which the Epson XP-8600 performed as expected for a printer in its class. It was difficult to discern fine details like leaves on a forest floor at sunset in the shadows of my prints. It was impossible to discern any detail in the darker areas, such as the bottoms of trees or a distant ridge line.


You may now significantly reduce your print waste thanks to the Precision Droplet Control feature, which conserves ink while maintaining excellent clarity. Additionally, this printer consumes around 80% less energy than ordinary printers.

This printer utilizes genuine dye-sublimation ink technology to achieve optimal color saturation with little color waste and a high contrast ratio. Additionally, because of the large capacity of the ink bottles, you will not need to replace inks frequently. With its USB, integrated wireless network, and Ethernet technology, you have versatile and reliable connectivity.

  • Extremely cost-effective and minimum wastage
  • High-quality and efficient performance.
  • Simple to print.
  • Ink bottles have a large capacity to lessen the frequency of ink refills
  • Colors and contrasts in print are of the highest quality./li>
  • Before use, you will need to complete a significant amount of driver installation.

In general, the Epson XP-8600 is a quick printer. Printing 8.5 x 11-inch photos at the highest resolution on the Epson XP-8600 took about a minute and 30 seconds, respectively. For those who need to print a lot of photos quickly but don’t want to compromise on quality, the XP-8600 is an excellent choice.

12. Epson EcoTank ET-4760

The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is one of the most cost-effective printers we’ve evaluated. Apart from being a capable sublimation printer, it also doubles as a workhorse capable of handling huge workloads, making it an excellent choice for printing documents in bulk.

The Epson EcoTank ET-4760 was packaged in a grey and black carton with an Epson logo on the front. Additionally, you may view all of the device’s features from the front. When unpacking the cargo, the ink bottles and power adaptor are located at the top. Continuing, we have the device itself, which is snugly encased in thermocol molds.

Preparing and Testing the Device: 

The initial setup of the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 is relatively routine, as is the case with the majority of other printers. Connect the printer’s power cord to a wall socket, push the printer’s power button, fill the ink tanks with the provided link, and connect the device to the network — it’s that simple.


The Epson ET-4760 produces fine photo prints with outstanding detail and light color tones. Banding can be visible in a few spots across the prints, most notably in the greyscale area.

On the other side, printing speeds are pretty fast at 16 pages per minute for black-only text documents and seven pages per minute for color prints. It took an impressive 89 seconds to produce a high-quality image.

The best feature of the ET-4760 is its extremely inexpensive printing costs compared to most other competitors on the market. On the other hand, the ink bottles included with this printer are reasonably priced and should last a long time before needing replacement.

  • Economical – reduced printing expenses
  • Acceptable print speeds
  • Massive interconnection
  • he prints are exquisitely detailed.
  • The accuracy of color may have been improved.
  • Significantly heavier in weight
  • Overpriced

If looking for a decent all-in-one sublimation printer, look no further than the Epson EcoTank ET4760. It is one of the cheapest printers that we have reviewed on our website. However, it is not intended for photography enthusiasts who want excellent color accuracy. If you use it for general printing, don’t complain. The scanner, on the other hand, has excellent color depth and does its job well.

Buying Guide

Consider the Following When Purchasing the Best Sublimation and Heat Transfer Printer

There are numerous sublimation printers on the market, and each one aims to adapt to the needs of a specific user simply. That is why, when purchasing a printer in this class, it is critical to know precisely what you are looking for since it may be more prudent to hunt for the best sublimation printer with specific characteristics rather than others. In this regard, it is critical to consider the following points when purchasing a printer of this class:

The Price Per Impression

If the goal is to create a sublimation business, this is a critical element to consider because the price of items to sell will change depending on the cost of each impression.

That is, if a print costs four euros, the product can be sold for eight to ten euros; but, if the print costs ten euros, the product must be sold for fourteen to eighteen euros; that is, the ultimate cost of the product will vary based on the cost of printing. In this regard, it is prudent to seek out cost-effective printers; to do so, you must evaluate their printing capacity on a single recharge since this allows you to compute the entire cost per print.

The more inexpensive the printer, the lower the printing cost; nonetheless, caution should be exercised when evaluating this characteristic. Certain manufacturers change the figures to make it appear as though their printers are frugal when they are not. On the other hand, a far more precise cost per impression may be calculated by determining the printer’s total capacity with its full capacity (the number of impressions guaranteed during its useful life).

Dimensions of the Print

This is a critical consideration, depending on the type of printing you intend to do. In this way, if sublimation gives tiny objects (cover letters, key chains, etc.) a personalized appearance, this element can be overlooked totally. On the other hand, if you intend to sublimate significant items, it is critical to consider the maximum print size (shirts, fabrics, etc.)

This refers to the maximum sheet size supported by the printer; typically, the best sublimation printer specifies the maximum sheet size supported in inches or centimeters. This size, however, may vary depending on the printer.

It is critical to note that this aspect is entirely dependent on the printer’s intended purpose, as described previously; on the other hand, some printers do not emphasize this information due to their regular print size (such as conventional printers).


Another factor to consider when purchasing a printer for this class is the resolution. Whatever the intended usage, it is critical to select a high-resolution printer, as the prints’ quality may vary based on this factor.

The resolution is expressed in terms of PPP (pixels per inch). This refers to the number of pixels within each print inch depending entirely, and the more pixels within an inch, the higher the print quality.

A minimum of 700 by 700 PPP is advised in the Best sublimation printer, regardless of the objects or type of prints to be printed. If you purchase a printer with a lower resolution than the one indicated above, you will notice the issue when you attempt to transfer the print to the object; the result will be poor quality, with opaque colors and even sections with some color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Can any printer be used for sublimation? 

 Only those who help with sublimation ink may be used as a few printers cannot assist the remarkable substrates within the ink. Traditional ink can’t input sure belongings you print on.

What substances are you able to sublimate on?

 You can sublimate on several things – apparel, signage, image paper, inflexible products. Knit substances to your indoor functions may be sublimated on. You may even sublimate on woven substances that might be thicker. Rigid substrates like plastic, fiberglass, and aluminium can also be used, even ceramic tiles. The handiest factor you need to make certain is the substrate can manage the material.

How lengthy can sublimation ink last?

On average, sublimation ink can last as long as 4 to 6 months. And the ink tends to dry out if now no longer used often too, elevating problems of sedation moving or printer head clog. So while you are shopping for sublimation ink, make sure it consists of a `use-by date, pointing out how long the ink can be used. Don’t use ink if the date has passed, as it’d now no longer be of any use and simply damage different inks. There may be considerable harm if now no longer dealt with well.