The Best Sublimation Printers to Buy in 2022

Are you ready to elevate your Best Sublimation Printers-Business to a higher level? To decide which is best for you, read this article and make your choice. Nevertheless, the sublimation printer uses heat to transfer the image onto any fabric similar to the computer printer. Thereby, you can also use plastic, paper, and even clothes to get the desired print. 

Sublimation printers are currently in great demand since people are starting their online printing businesses. In contrast, buyers also prefer to purchase printed t-shirts, mugs, and mobile phone covers.

6 Our Tested the Best Sublimation Printers:

The only way you can produce excellent sublimated images is with a high-quality sublimation machine. In this article, we review all of the Best Sublimation Printers. After reading this article, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself. In this way, you can quickly meet all the demands and requirements of your customers because we have tested all of them ourselves and listed them with a detailed review below for the sake of your ease.

DREAMVAN Heat Press Sublimation Machine
DREAMVAN Heat Press Sublimation Machiner Check Price
CASULO 8 in 1 Sublimation Printer
CASULO 8 in 1 Sublimation Printer Check Price
YESCOM 3D Multifunction Heat Press Machine YESCOM 3D Multifunction Heat Press Machine Check Price
SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printer SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printer Check Price
HV ENVY PRO 6475 Wireless Printer HV ENVY PRO 6475 Wireless Printer Check Price
Budget Pick
HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer
HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer Check Price

However, you can also use these machines for home use. In addition, many of these printing devices are perfect for photo printing, paper printing, t-shirt printing, and many more. Besides this, you must keep in mind the salient features before buying any product. For this, check the detailed guide and buy the best sublimation printer according to your needs.

1. DREAMVAN Heat Press Sublimation Machine (Best Sublimation Printer)

Have you ever used a heat press sublimation machine that is suitable for 5 different purposes? If still not, then you must try DREAMVAN Heat Press Sublimation Machine. Thereby, you can use it for five different types of printing. So, try this multifunctional machine rather than spending your money on different units. 

Strength and Durability: 

This heat press machine is manufactured with all the attachments, so its construction is strong and sturdy. Besides this, it is suitable for industrial purposes. Moreover, it is a long-lasting machine with great durability. Furthermore, you can easily print coloring pictures and words using this press due to its great strength and durability. It is an ideal unit that delivers high performance. In addition, the results and quality of the print are brilliant with the right pixels. 

5 in 1 Machine: 

Mainly, it is 5 in 1 multifunctional press machine and offers several types of printing for you. In this manner, you can use this printing machine for making pictures prints, shirts print, mug prints, hat prints, and many more. Thereby, you will have great fun with this press machine. In addition, it has a big surface for printing, so you can easily print several T-shirts. Moreover, the diameter of the press is 38 × 30 cm, the diameter of the cap press curves at 6 × 3. 

Additional Components of a Machine:

This machine has an additional silicon heating plate, making the machine faster and easier to use. Besides this, the thermal transfer is easy to replace, which makes this press machine more comfortable. On the contrary, the non-stick heating surface of the machine eliminates all the scorching of transfers. Above all, the whole weight of this press machine is about 48.4 pounds, and the overall dimensions are 20.28 × 20.28 × 17.52 inches. 

  • Able to print and share images from any source.
  • User-friendly system.
  • 5 in 1 functional machine.
  • Wide use and easy press
  • Not able to detect the printing size.
  • Not suitable for home use.

First of all, it is probably the best machine because it offers 5 different types of printing. Besides this, the performance and functioning of this press machine are brilliant. So, you must buy this exceptional unit for industrial use. 

2. CASULO 8 in 1 Sublimation Printer (Best Easy to Use the Printer)

Do you want a multifunctional press machine that is perfect for your small business? Sure, why not. Then, CASULO 8 in 1 Sublimation Printer is the best choice for you. Many people have started their printing products; it can meet all your requirements as it has 8 different functions. 

LCD Control Panel: 

As this printing machine has an LCD system, you just need to push the button to maintain the temperature and time of printing. In this way, you can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the machine. However, the temperature of this sublimation printer ranges from 104°F to 410°F. Thereby, set the temperature according to your printing design. On the other hand, the time range of this machine is 1-999 seconds. In addition, you can easily use the setting mode of the LCD for further use. 

Multifunctional Printer: 

After setting the required temperature according to different items, you can easily print any design and pattern on a notebook, paper, cup, or T-shirt. While you are working on this printer, try to protect your clothes. You just press the handle gently, and the process of transmission starts. Besides this, this printer is perfect for printing colorful pictures. As the surface of the printing is non-sticky, it avoids burning. 

Easy to Use: 

Here, the key feature is that this printing machine is easy to use. Thereby, it is a perfect choice for beginners also. For printing, you just need to press the handle of the printer to start the process. Besides this, you do not have to worry about the high temperature because the system is improved. On the contrary, the machine weighs about 47.6 pounds with 20.9 × 18.5 × 17.9 inches. 

  • It offers 8 different functions
  • The handle of the machine is safe to use.
  • The rated power is 850 Watts.
  • 360° swing provides a completed press range.
  • Speed problems are found during printing.
  • Some components are difficult to assemble. 

Therefore, this printing machine is the best choice for those who want to start their own small business. As it offers 8 different types of printing, it is not beneficial for home use. However, it is perfect for business or industrial use. 

3. YESCOM 3D Multifunction Heat Press Machine (Best User-Friendly Printer)

Are you looking for a sublimation printer with the largest capacity and offers much printing at a time? If yes, then YESCOM manufactures a great printer known as YESCOM 3D Multifunction Heat Press Machine. Primarily, it is a heat transfer printer, which is very brilliant in its working. 

Largest Capacity:

Here, the primary and most exciting feature of this printing machine is its largest capacity. So, you can easily store 12 cups at a time. In this way, you can get exceptional results of printing within a short time. Besides printing mugs, this machine also offers several different functions like print t-shirts, mobile covers, etc. Therefore, its large capacity is beneficial for business workers. In addition, you don’t need to put in your extra effort while working. You just need to place objects inside the printer. 

3D Vacuum Heat Transfer: 

Another exceptional feature of this press machine is that it has a 3D vacuum. Mainly, this 3D vacuum is perfect for the transfer of heat during work. Moreover, the vacuum is good for flat and curved objects. So, it prints well all the objects that you place inside the printer. In this manner, a 3D vacuum can easily print mobile covers, pillowcases, glass, plates, pictures, and many more. 

Additional Information: 

First of all, the total weight of this sublimation printer is about 50.4 pounds which is a bit heavy. However, the dimensions of this machine are 27.5 × 25 × 16.5 inches. In addition, the machine has a unique and different furnace design. Further, the printing surface consists of concave-convex, which improves the performance of the heating area efficiently. Lastly, the system has dual temperature control. It means that when the temperature of one side doesn’t work perfectly, the other will automatically start working. 

  • 3D vacuum enhances the performance of the printer.
  • Dual Temperature control.
  • Superior safety performance.
  • User-friendly machine. User-friendly machine. 
  • Slightly heavy. 
  • No warranty card is available for this machine.

As we know, it has a 3D vacuum. So, it is suitable for many types of printing. So, the printing machine is capable of printing cups, t-shirts, and other objects. Thereby, it is one of the best sublimation machines. 

4. SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printer (Best Budget Printer)

If you want a reliable and perfect solution for starting your printing business, then SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printer is another best option to buy. Here, it is the only desktop printer that operates primarily for sublimation. In this way, this sublimation printer has several advanced features. 

Sawgrass Print Manager: 

Here, the presence of the Sawgrass print manager wins the heart of buyers. So, this sublimation machine comes with a complete printing manager, which gives you exceptional results. Besides this, the print manager avoids the splitting of pixels of any picture. In this way, you will get clear and outstanding services from the machine. Thereby, you can easily create vibrant HD pictures. Besides this, the system also comes with creative Studio Online Designer and UHD Sublimation inks.

Exceptional Results: 

This printing machine comes with several advanced components, which offer you superior services. In this way, the operating results are beyond perfection. All the details of the machine maximize the quality of results. Moreover, this sublimation printer offers you to develop the highest quality images at the lowest cost. Thereby, this machine is capable of printing almost 34 pictures in one hour only with perfect quality. 

In-house Support: 

Thereby, this printing machine is perfect for those who want to buy it for house use also as it is not much larger and offers several advanced features. So, you can start your business with this machine. According to research, it does not offer different functions. However, the main function of this is to develop HD images. Most probably, it is perfect for home use. 

  • Specially made for sublimation printing.
  • It comes with professional software to edit images.
  • Faster throughput for greater productivity.
  • Newly formulated ink. 
  • Printing ink is costly

Here, SAWGRASS SG500 Sublimation Printer is a great machine overall. Thereby, it’s a perfect choice for those who are lovers of photography. Now, you can easily print out your HD images at home. 

5. HV ENVY PRO 6475 Wireless Printer (Best Printer with Smart Technology)

Chiefly, this superb wireless printer comes with 2 years of ink, which makes it worth buying. This is the main reason for its popularity. Usually, the printing ink is expensive. But it is completely a money saver. The ink already cones in the box. Besides this, many other efficient features of this printer are detailed below. 

Easy Set-up with smart technology: 

Firstly, the assembling process of this printing machine is easy. Moreover, the instruction guide will provide complete information to you. In addition, all the steps of this printing machine are explained in detail. In this way, you can easily set all the components of the machine. Besides this, it also offers an HP smart app by which you can easily connect to the printer. For this, you just need to download the app and connect it to Wi-Fi. In this manner, you can easily share this printer with your friends and family members. 

Printing and Scanning: 

With the help of the HP app, everyone can easily print, scan and copy the selected documents. Mainly, this process of printing can be done easily by mobile phones. Moreover, you can also choose your document from a third party like Google Drive or any other site. In summary, this is a perfect printer for printing and efficiently scanning your documents. Besides this, it doesn’t need an electrical connection to work. 

Technical Details: 

Mainly, the key feature of this printer is that it comes with a warranty of 1 year. If you are not satisfied with the output of the printer, then you can easily exchange it within 1 year. In addition, the complete weight of this printing machine is only 13.58 pounds which is lightweight enough. However, the dimensions of the machine are 17.03 × 14.21 × 7.64 inches. Besides this, it is very versatile with a two-sided printing system.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • It comes with 2 years of printing ink
  • Better connectivity than other printers.
  • Versatile and durable. 
  • Not suitable to print from the photos app. 
  • It doesn’t support printing from PCs

Thereby, it is perfect for those who want to buy a reliable printer for family use. So, it offers great printing and scanning of documents. Moreover, you don’t need to make an effort to connect your smartphones with this printing machine. 

6. HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer (Best in One Printer)

Set the new standard of your printing business by buying HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer. Mainly, this printer has all the functions and offers several types of printing. Moreover, this printer comes with printing ink of about 8 months. Furthermore, this printing machine has several advanced features to give you great output. 

Strength and Versatility: 

This heat press printing machine comes with useful attachments, so the machine’s construction is strong and sturdy overall. In addition, it is a long-lasting machine that offers great versatility. In addition, you can easily print coloring pictures and words by using this printing machine due to its great strength and durability. It is another ideal printer that delivers great high outcomes. In addition, the results and quality of the printing are brilliant with the right number of pixels. 

8 Months of Printing Ink:

The most exciting feature about this printer is that it comes with printing ink that can be used for 8 months. In this way, you can easily print 100 pages per month. However, the machine is fast enough to print 20 pages in one minute. Moreover, you can easily connect the machine with a wireless connection or USB. On the contrary, you can easily save your money on this printing machine because of ink availability. 

All-in-One Printer: 

After setting the required temperature of this printing machine, you can easily print any design and pattern on a notebook, paper, cup or T-shirt, and many more. While working on this printer, try to protect your clothes and hand from the printing surface. For starting the machine, you just press the starting button, and transmission begins quickly. Besides this, you can also use it for printing and scanning colorful pictures. Lastly, the total weight of this machine is about 20.6 pounds with dimensions 9.21 × 18.11 × 13.43 inches. 

  • Waterproof and shade-resistant machine.
  • Offers high-speed printing with clear pixels
  • Organize documents 50% faster.
  • Sustainable manufacturing. 
  • Some components are difficult to understand.

In short, it is another best sublimation printer that is at the top position in the market. The reason is that it offers you several printing templates. So, you can easily select any template which you like the most. Therefore, it is an efficient and recommended wireless printer.

Buyer Guide for the Best Sublimation Printer:

If you are in search of the best sublimation printer that gives you the clearest and perfect image, then you are definitely at the most appropriate place. Additionally, there is wide use of these printers in printing logos, posters, and graphics. Even more, these printers are extremely famous among the crafters who use them for crafting purposes. 

In addition to this, these printers help you get the most stunning and high-quality images that are memorable, and you can cherish them. Besides, these printers are known as multipurpose printers.  Additionally, it is challenging to look for the best printer that fits your needs, and at times it becomes tricky to find one.

There are so many benefits and functions associated with these sublimation printers. 

Also, if you run a small crafting business, there is no doubt that you will reach new heights using these printers. Other than that, these printers are rather compact and portable and come with a modern design. Furthermore, we have identified many different factors that one must consider before making the final purchase.

 Aside from that, when you consider these factors, you will surely make a wise decision.

High Resolution

The first question that the user has to ask himself is whether the printer he is buying produces high-resolution images. Surely, printers that come with a high resolution produce perfect and high-quality images. Even more, before you buy any printer, make sure that it has a high resolution to give you excellent output.  However, the measurement of the resolution of the printer depends on dots per inch. 

Maximum Printing Layout

The next factor you may consider from our list is that the printer you opt for has a maximum printing layout. Moreover, it is essential to know the size of the product you want to do the printing. Aside from that, if you buy a sublimation printer that does not produce desired results, then all your efforts will go in vain.

Available Connectivity

Be sure to buy a printer that easily connects with the device you have either through a wired connection or a wireless connection. Additionally, always go for USB or Wi-Fi connectivity when it comes to buying printers. This type of connectivity is the most reliable one, and you will never face any issues.

Printer Quality

The next thing you need to consider is the quality of the images the printer produces. Moreover, if you run a business, you need to own a sublimation printer that produces clear and exceptionally excellent printouts. Apart from that, the prints that bleed extra colors do not give a professional look. People wait to have natural and good-looking prints, so the printer must pour in the natural side of the image. Also, the print must not be dull, so make sure to buy a good quality printer so that you get incredible results.


Another factor that all the crafters need to consider is the warranty of the printer. A printer with a warranty of a few months to a couple of years is the better option. The longer the warranty period, the more convenient it becomes for the user as they can always consult the support team if they face any issue with the printer. Usually, there is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer’s side. In addition to this, there is an additional warranty on the replacement parts. 


The following consideration you need to make is about the ink the printer uses for printing purposes. The printers use a different type of ink, usually the ribbon one or the cartridge one.

Moreover, some printers require a tie-up with third-party manufacturers who provide ink and paper separately. Besides that, if you do not get a good quality paper or ink, you will not get the desired result or produce good quality output.

Aside from that, if you buy both ink and paper together, the ink is less likely to fade.

Additionally, before you order the printer, let’s make sure that you order paper and ink because the printer doesn’t come with either of them. 

Frequently Ask Questions:

Can you sublimate on cotton?

Yes, you can now sublimate cotton using forever subli-light. However, the procedure is tough for sublimating the cotton t-shirt but you can surely do so without any hurdles. Now you can sublimate onto cotton and you don’t have to use heavy polyester shirts.

Can I use a regular printer for sublimation?

You can switch the printer but not as per the needed basis. Moreover, you have to flush the entire system, and only that way you can use your regular printer for the purpose. Also, regular printers have different kinds of inks so your fabric may spoil.

Can you convert an old printer to sublimation?

There is no need to do so because you will not get the desired results if you convert an old printer to sublimation.

Is sublimation better than screen printing?

If you are making numerous t-shirts then the most cost-effective approach is screen printing. However, sublimation is best for small projects.

Is sublimation business profitable?

Sublimation is truly a rewarding business. Moreover, many people are there who make money dye sublimation and create amazing stuff for their family and friends, and the local community.

Is sublimation printing expensive?

Dye sublimation is extremely affordable. There were times when dye sublimation was expensive but it is cheaper in the present day.


Thereby, all the best sublimation printers are reviewed above according to complete research and testing. So, we hope that you’ll be able to select any printing machine according to your requirements and needs. However, before buying a sublimation printer, you need to check the machine’s price range, quality, and performance. Further, with the complete guidance and information, you must read this article thoroughly, which is written after the research of several hours. 

Most probably, these two sublimation printers are at the top position in the market of printers: 

  • DREAMVAN Heat Press Sublimation Machine
  • CASULO 8 in 1 Sublimation Printer

Here, they are more beneficial for you if you are willing to improve the standard of your business. As they offer all the printing functions, you can earn a huge profit from these printing machines.